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Cheek filler can substantially improve the look of the face. Whether it is being used to create contours and definition or simply to replace volume loss, with the proper technique, the results can be fantastic. This mini-module's main objective is to successfully teach injectors how to achieve stunning results with Dr. Kay's signature finesse and techniques.

Gain access to step-by-step video demonstrations, written didactics, and anatomical drawings created for injectors at all levels on Modern Aesthetic Theory & Artistry.

Virtual Video Demonstration 

Covering Dr. Kay’s signature Slimming & Sculpting technique. Learn Dr. Kay's tips & tricks for beautiful results every time. 

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Anatomical Drawings

  • Musculature of the cheeks region
  • Important superficial landmarks 
  • Vasculature of the cheeks
  • The superficial and deep fat pads of the face

Written Didactics 

  • Good Candidates
  • Assessing anatomical and aesthetic features 
  • The anatomy of the cheeks region
  • Vessels
  • Muscles
  • Patients assessment and consultation approach.
  • Filler type and dosing standards 
  • Equipment for the treatment
  • Depth of the injection
  • Safety Zones
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Optimal Results 

What's Inside

  • One Virtual Video Demonstration
  • Anatomical Drawings
  • Written Didactics
  • Access to our exclusive online community of injectors from all around the world.
  • Free access to Zoom webinars.
  • Early access to tickets to our annual Modern Aesthetic Theory & Artistry conference in Los Angeles.
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