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Table of Contents

Module 1: Meet Dr. Kay.  

Learn more about her philosophy of beauty and aesthetics across all ages. This module will indicate the important facial features, dimensions, and ratios that give the face its beauty. 


Module 2: Optimizing Patient Experience. 

Learn Dr. Kay’s consultation approach to ensure that the patient has positive feelings about the injector and the office. This module will give you tips on how to maintain realistic patient expectations and how to approach challenging patients. 


Module 3: Anatomical Safety and Facial Danger 

Dr. Kay will demonstrate to you, on the face of a model, the danger zones you must know before making any injections. The face will be broken down into thirds (lower, middle and upper) to discuss the anatomy of each third including important landmarks, vessels, and nerves. 


Virtual Video Demonstrations 

Covering Dr. Kay’s philosophy of beauty, tips for optimizing patient's Experience & landmarks for locating the danger zones. Learn Dr. Kay's tips & tricks for beautiful results every time. 

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  • Three Videos Demonstrations
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