Sculptra Butt Augmentation

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Sculptra Butt Augmentation

As the demand for Sculptra is increasing, we felt it was important to bring you a module on Modern Aesthetic Theory & Artistry dedicated to this fantastic product. Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) is an FDA approved dermal filler  that stimulates the body to maintain, repair, and produce new collagen. This Sculptra Butt Augmentation mini-module incorporates step-by-step video demonstrations, written didactics, and meticulous anatomical drawings that will help take your skills and practice to the next level.

Virtual Video Demonstration 

Covering Dr. Kay’s highly coveted tips, tricks, and techniques for beautiful results using Sculptra available at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere.

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Non-Surgical Sculptra BBL Training

Anatomical Drawings

  • Musculature of the buttocks 
  • Important superficial landmarks in the buttocks region
  • Vasculature of the buttocks

Written Didactics 

  • Anatomical and aesthetic features of the buttocks
  • The anatomy and histology of the buttocks including (muscles, vessels, and fat pads) 
  • Patients assessment and consultation approach.
  • Dosing standards 
  • Equipments for the treatment
  • Dr. Kay’s injection technique, including the depth of the injection and the safety zone. 
  • Results and procedure complications 

What's Inside

  • 2 Sculptra Butt Augmentation focused video demonstrations.
  • 3 modules concentrating on successful Sculptra Butt injection techniques, reconstitution methods, and safest practices. 
  • Access to our exclusive online community of injectors from all around the world.
  • Complimentary access to Zoom webinars.
  • Early access to tickets to our annual Modern Aesthetic Theory & Artistry conference in Los Angeles.
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